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“Going Mobile”The act of modifying a website so that it displays in a format compatible for a smartphone or tablet;  Adopting the use of a mobile device.

What we build is for community, and the community is online.  If you are a physician, then it’s likely you are among those who do not spend hours a day on a smartphone.  Still, if you’re not online and mobile, then you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with patients old and new.

Slightly more than two-thirds of American adults (68%) now own a smartphone.  A majority (58%) of 50-64-year-olds own a smartphone.  For tablet adoption, ownership is highest among the 30-49 group (57%), followed by the 18-29 bracket (50%).  Pew Internet & American Life Project in a recent study [pdf].  

It is an ongoing endeavor to remain useful and relevant to patients and their goals for health.  A Web presence is best used when it works in support of your brick and mortar operation.  An obvious first step is to “go mobile” so your patients and patients to-be can easily learn about you online!