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“Social Media can be an effective tool to guide patients to reputable sources of information.”

Dr. Danielle Ofri, MD for the New York Times quotes New Hampshire physician, Dr. Kevin Pho of the popular KevinMD blog in April 2011.  The Internet offers the opportunity for physicians to help patients navigate through the noise online, offer friendly reminders and useful outlets of support completely separate from their personal pages  The key is to maintain a professional presence online that is synergistic with your practice and regularly updated to meet the needs of your patients and your office.

Once it is on the Web, consider it permanent.  But with this permanence comes the opportunity to grow a network and define your practice, your brand, service or product.  For Doctor Kevin, he maintains a personal and professional Web presence, but typically keeps private information offline and limited to close friends and relatives to maintain a sense of privacy he says”comes with the territory” of being a doctor.

Developing a professional social media presence is an effective, immediate and artful way to connect with staff, patients and the community. Is your patient happy with your practice?  Give them something to talk about and a way to share by developing your social media presence online.  Produce short and long-term marketing campaigns through blogging and social sites that put patient and community initiatives out front.

Want to get started?  Take advantage of GFA, Inc.’s Florida Medical Marketing Network.   Our mission is to enable clients to independently manage their media online.  GFA provides you with mobile, search optimized, secure websites that can get you publishing in minutes for a fraction of the cost.  

Not ready to manage your Website alone?  We’re always here to help.  In addition to providing you complete administrative access to control your site(s), GFA, Inc. provides a complete suite of multimedia production services from Web design, presentations, programming, apps and a support site where you can directly submit help requests for a prompt reply.

What do pages online say about you?  Begin managing your message.  Start with GFA.

But before you get started, get management and ownership of your domain.  Here’s why>