“It’s genetic.”   You’ve heard that before in regards to your health.  If our conditions are often genetic, then perhaps building strong, multi-generational medical practice relationships is a key to improving overall health for your family-long-term.

“Finding and keeping a good primary care physician is a long-term advantage to your family.” says Bern Paraiso, Medical Management & Marketing Consultant from GFA, Inc. “Many of the problems we face as adults are preventable for our children when physicians have the opportunity to diagnose, treat and prevent disease within the family.”

It makes perfect sense.  When generations of family see the same primary care physician it expands the doctor’s ability to provide a whole approach to care and a broader understanding of potential complications.  When doctors treat generations of families from children to parents to grand-parents, they get a view into a patient’s potential future health.  It also helps younger generations to ascertain a greater insight of what they can expect without prevention or treatment of ailments affecting their elders.  This family approach to medicine can enlighten the entire family and help them to achieve their health goals.


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